Ten ways to make your wedding unique

This week in work has been all about weddings…so here is another feature I have recently finished writing about the best ways to make your wedding unique.

Small touches will make your big day seem even more special

Incorporate some of your own personality for a wedding that really stands out











It is tempting to say that once you have been to one wedding, you have seen it all. From the flowers, candles, dresses and music, the ‘typical’ wedding can seem quite predictable. To make your wedding stand out, it is important to personalise your day. It is not the cake or food that will last in the memories of your guests, but all the small details that will make your big day unique and memorable for years to come. Here are ten wonderful ways to make your wedding day unique.

Instead of the traditional wedding march ask if it is possible to play a song that’s more personal to you. Playing one of your favourite songs will add your own touch to the day right from the start.

As an alternative to confetti, give each guest a balloon in the colours you chosen for your wedding and ask them to release them all together at some point during the day for a spectacular effect.

Organise fun party games for your guests to play during the evening reception, a wedding quiz is guaranteed to get people talking, and a great way for guests to get to know one another.

If you have any creative or artistic friends, ask them to get involved by creating a centrepiece that reflects you and your other half. You will save money on flowers, and your table displays will be personal and unique.

Instead of the usual three speeches from the groom, father of the bride and best man, you could open the floor and invite your guests to make a short toast

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on taking dance lessons, but working out a simple dance routine for your first dance will make it more memorable, and should provide some fabulous photo opportunities for your guests.

Instead of having a guest book, ask guests to write personal messages on a piece of card and place them in a bowl in the centre of each table.

Collect photos of family and friends (this might be easier if you are having a small wedding) and place them in frames at each guest’s seat at the reception.

Make sure that the dance floor will be packed by asking your guests to request three songs on their RSVP card, and then pass on the playlist to the DJ.

If possible, write your own wedding vows. This is perhaps the most meaningful way to share your love with all your guests.

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