Paris Couture Week: Armani Prive

What an amazing show…those of you who assumed that Armani was solely a label of choice for starlets on the red carpet or A-list wedding dresses, prepare to be silenced. This was, quite simply, brilliant!

I cannot stop looking at the pictures, each look is more beautiful than the last. Armani has taken inspiration from “the gleam of gemstones” and created a couture collection that shimmers and glimmers. Combining ladylike glamour with futuristic cuts, this is a collection that has a timeless appeal.

Though the individual pieces are traditional, slim fit trousers, shift dresses, box jackets, they have been reworked and reshaped in a way that was described by Vogue UK editor, Alexandra Shulman, as being “futuristic techno meets oriental”.

The same could be said of the colour palette. What made the colours stand out was the fabrics, which looked like liquid metal, but were actually silk or organza whichwere  threaded with metal to create pieces that looked as though they came from another planet.

The presence on the front row of women of all ages Amber Le Bon, Olivia Wilde, Anna Winotur, Jodie Foster and Sophia Loren shows that Giorgio Armani is a man who knows just how to dress a woman.

Here are a few of my favourite looks, to see more pictures, visit Vogue or

Armani Prive Look 2

Armani Prive Look 8

Armani Prive Look 9

Armani Prive Look 11

Armani Prive Look 19

Armani Prive Look 27

Armani Prive Look 32

Giorgio Armani

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