This Week’s Column…Livia Firth and The Green Carpet Challenge

Whilst Colin Firth has been receiving Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globes and Baftas for his performance in The King’s Speech, his wife Livia has turned her red carpet appearances alongside her husband into a chance to wear only ethical, environmentally sustainable style for the award shows and premieres she attends. This has lead to a string of ‘green carpet’ appearances which been not just eco friendly, but strong fashion statements too.

Livia, who has a blog on called The Green Carpet Challenge, says “It was an opportunity for me to think…not just about the aesthetic appeal of clothes – obviously that’s important on the red carpet- but their structure, manufacture and lifespan, too.”

The Green Carpet Challenge started in 2009 when Tom Ford’s film, A Single Man, for which Colin Firth received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, opened the Venice Film Festival. Livia wore an ethical blue cocktail dress by Sara Shepherd, and vowed that she would only wear eco-fashion on the red carpet from then on.

She has proved to be true to her word and become the ‘green queen’ of the red carpet, looking beautiful with her subtle and sustainable approach to glamour, a contrast to many other stars who appear on the red carpet today. Wearing outfits created by pieces from her own wardrobe, outfits that belonged to her mother and even Colin’s suits, as well as gowns created from ethical fabrics such as peace silk, a sustainable silk which does not kill the silkworm during the process of creating the fabric, unlike normal silk.

Livia Firth has long been a champion of the eco fashion movement, having opened her own eco shop, Eco Age, in Chiswick in 2008.  Hailed as an exciting new retail concept store, showroom, consultancy and general green hub that offers inspiration, ideas and domestic solutions for anyone who wants to lead a greener and more energy efficient life. She also has collaborated with Made, designing jewellery and accessories for the fair trade brand.

With Colin Firth tipped to win the ‘Best Actor’ Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards, Livia will definitely be at his side on the red carpet. She took to her blog this week to reveal that her Oscars gown is being created by Gary Harvey, the former creative director at Levi Strauss who is known for bringing his own brand of eco-consciousness to couture.

You can read Livia’s blog on, shop online from her store at, or buy from her collections for Made at

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