Richard Nicoll Bridal for Topshop

I recently wrote about the exclusive collaboration between Richard Nicoll and Topshop to produce a selection of bridal outfits for the high street brand.

The first pictures of the collection, named ‘Tie the Knot’ have been released before the dresses arrive instore in late June.

It is the sixth time that Topshop and Richard Nicoll have collaborated, but the first time that either have produced a bridal collection and so it is an extremely exciting time!

As you might expect from one of fashion’s most elegant designers, the dresses that Nicoll has created for Topshop are contemporary, the antithesis to traditional gowns. Beautiful lace shift dresses in blush pink and white compliment a floor length gown with silk bodice, gentle peplum and sheer georgette underskirt. Every dress boasts a little bit of London cool – as Richard himself says, “these dresses are perfect as party dresses too if you’re not the marrying kind.”

So whether you have a fiance and are in the midst of planning a wedding, or just fancy a new frock, keep your eyes peeled for Tie the Knot by Richard Nicoll at Topshop very soon…

For more pictures visit Vogue

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