Back to school…

The start of September is a time of year that splits opinions…I love the buzz in the air as people get set to settle back into normality after the summer, how the shops are no longer just so packed, how you can make your way round parks without tripping over crowds…but on my walk back from the park this afternoon with my mum and the dog, I couldn’t help but notice the disgruntled little faces of children who were starting back to school today.

Now that school is behind me, it is easy to say that September is one of my favourite months, but I do remember dreading the end of August approaching, knowing that it would bring heavy schoolbags, standing at bus stops in the rain, PE classes, endless nights of homework, early wake ups and many other things that seem like the worst thing in the world when you are young.

One thing that I do miss about school is having a uniform. Now that I often find myself surrounded by piles of clothes, gazing blankly at a full wardrobe before declaring that I have nothing to wear (much to the annoyance of my long suffering boyfriend!) I can’t help but miss the security of knowing exactly what to put on every morning. How I would love to be able to reach for a few pieces when I wake up, knowing that they would match, and be appropriate for what I was doing that day…spelling the end of stepping out without a jacket, only for it to start raining, or to leave in a coat for the sun to suddenly emerge…here are some uniform inspired pieces, all of which are available from net-a-porter.































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